Frequently Asked questions

How confidential is this?

Confidentiality is a top priority for online course evaluations.
Every evaluation you complete will have a question at the end asking if you wish to have your name associated with your response. If you decline, we will not disclose your identity unless compelled by legal obligation.

Why should I bother?

Course evaluations are used alongside research achievements by a department's Promotion and Tenure Committee. Your feedback helps to ensure that great instructors are rewarded; and that all instructors have some candid insight to improve their teaching.

How do I fix responding to the wrong survey?

In the event that you've filled in the wrong evaluation, (Ie, your responses for CHEM*1040 wind up where your BIOL*1040 should go because you forgot which link you clicked on) we can't reassign your response however you can delete your response so you can re-do it for the correct course.

  1. On the main page click on "Delete to Redo" for the survey you made the mistake on
  2. Read the instructions on the page that opens
  3. If desired, copy & paste your responses so you can re-use/edit lengthy comments
  4. Click on the "Delete response" button at the very bottom of the page

Where's my course?

Not all courses use the online course evaluation process, in such courses you should expect a department's course evaluation coordinator to arrive during a regularly scheduled lecture to conduct evaluations using pencil and paper. A full list of courses using online evaluations has been made available for your convenience.

Courses that you're enrolled in which do not presently have online evaluations planned will have the message (Not online) next to them. Some courses are not added to our system until late in the semester, so this should not be taken as final until the last two weeks of the semester.

No really, where's my course!?

You've possibly heard from your classmates that online evaluations are available for one of your courses, but you can't see it. If the course that you're in shows up in the full list of courses using online evaluations with the exact same section number then your next step would be to contact the academic department responsible for the course.
As a quick word of caution realize that some departments allow individual professors to opt out of using online evaluations. For example in the W07 semester ENGL*2120 had sections 02, 03, and 04 online, but section 01 still used the paper process.

How come the professor's name is wrong?

While we do our best to ensure the accuracy of the data we present, it's inevitable that the odd flaw will sneak through. In some cases a course may have multiple instructors, or even have instructors provided by multiple departments. So there are situations where a team taught course will only appear to have one instructor because the second instructor's department does not subscribe the online course evaluation system.

If you're convinced that we're presenting a course with the wrong professor please contact the academic department responsible for the course.

How can I protect my time while writing long comments?

If you feel the need to be particularly verbose in your comments it is recommended that you use an external editor to author and save your comments. You can then copy & paste your comments into the web browser. This protects you from

Can I switch my response from one course to another?

No, as a matter of policy we do not interact with student responses beyond being able to provide them to coordinators for reporting, and being able to delete responses. So, be as accurate as possible with your responses and your comments -- and again, if you intend to write particularly lengthy comments use an external editor such that you can save your work.